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  • Norman Young

Rand Paul is Wrong on the Shutdown

Republican Senator Rand Paul has long been a favorite among rank-and-file fiscal conservatives and libertarians. Thursday night, Paul added to his popularity by taking to the floor of the Senate to delay passage of Trump’s latest bipartisan spending deal. In his speech, Senator Paul called Republicans “intellectually dishonest” and “hypocrites” because they supported President Trump’s deficit-spending after opposing similar deficit spending by President Obama. The Senator’s words may become the mainstream media’s predominant interpretation of Trump-era Republicans, much like Lee Atwater’s words became the canonical media interpretation of Reagan-era Republicans.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi engaged in similar, but more pointless, political grandstanding. She, along with senators Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and several other populist Democrats cited DACA as their reason to oppose the Republican spending bill. Of course, if there were really a chance that opposition would block the legislation to the point of government shutdown, these politicians—including Rand Paul—would cave.