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Anthony Leonardi on the Washington Examiner: "Anthony Scaramucci: The Left is 'super nervou

Check out the article on the Washington Examiner.

Excerpt: Moments before taking the stage at a high school leadership conference last week, former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci sat down with Red Alert Politics. Scaramucci cracked a few jokes and instructed students to counteract the bias that exists on campus and in the media.

“You’re going to be shunned and banned by liberal people who think they’re cooler than you. Don’t accept that. Build your own social pod […] and stick true to your principles,” Scaramucci advised.“There is a whole social apparatus — with social media, the mainstream media, et cetera, where conservatives can’t really get their message out,” he continued.

According to the former communications director, the conservative movement will grow if students learn to effectively communicate “the message.”

“[The Left is] super nervous about our ideas, because our ideas are really the ones that are principled and facts-based.”

“When we get the message out there and deliver it properly, we’re right and they’re wrong, so we’re going to win!”

In addition to spreading conservatism, the Mooch had another message for students. In a moment of levity while backstage, Scaramucci was asked, “What are Saturdays for?” to which he replied: “Saturdays are for the boys!”

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