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  • Norman Young

Hurricanes, 9/11, and Political Disunity

I’m writing this piece in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, and I’m enjoying a certain kind of calm. I’m not talking about the balmy weather. No, it’s a political calm. Politicians seem to be largely leaving their pet issues off the table, and have focused on something about which we all agree: helping one another.

The truce will not last long, of course. Heck, it might be over before I finish this piece.

But certainly by the end of this week, we will be back to politics-as-usual. Mainstream media outlets will run editorials linking hurricanes to Climate Change, and thus to Trump’s actions on the Paris Climate Accords. The strong implication will be that Republicans are to blame for your hurricane woes. Not long after that, someone will bring race into things, probably triggered by video footage of looters. The hurricanes will no longer be a point of unity, but will be another flashpoint of divisive rhetoric from both sides.