The Pagan Root of Identitarian Violence

March 17, 2019

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March 17, 2019

Human beings desire immortality. For some people, this desire manifests itself in a weird faith that technology will soon be able to preserve (or download) their brain. For others, the desire finds fulfillment in a religious belief that the soul is eternal or in a hope for supernatural bodily resurrection. But, even for those who lack any sort of faith, religious or otherwise, they still get a sense of immortality from the con...

November 16, 2018

This week, Donald Trump announced his support for criminal justice reform, receiving praise from both sides of the political aisle. This is a savvy political move by Trump, but many conservatives are confused about whether or not they should support it. For conservatives who are primarily concerned with "culture war" issues, Trump's political success is of utmost importance. And, in order for Trump to be successful, he will ne...

September 4, 2018

A few months ago, on this site, I called for evangelicals from both the political Left and Right to come together and draft a Statement on race issues in America. The thorny issue of race relations is in desperate need of clear-headed and definitive teaching from evangelical leaders and pastors. And getting a clear head about this, I insisted, will require honest dialogue across party lines.

Earlier today, John MacArthur and so...

August 20, 2018

It is a painful fact that capitalism and the great bourgeois revolutions of the West coincided with the institutionalization and spread of chattel slavery. Equally painful, if not as well known, is the fact that the idea of race, as we understand it today, is a legacy of the Enlightenment—as are all the nefarious ideologies of superiority built on that idea.

Medieval Christians believed that all human beings were desc...

June 25, 2018

An American Saint and His Disciples

Martin Luther King Jr. is the only American figure (other than a founder) who has a day set apart by the federal government for his remembrance. He is surely the closest thing America has to a saint-figure. He was saintly not only because he was a preacher and a martyr, but because he stood against a culture that was blind—often willfully blind—to the blatant injustice of segregation laws whi...

February 6, 2018

Part II: Abstraction vs. Spiritual Reality

Previously I posted a response to the Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles. Michael received a “mailbag” question in Episode 75 asking what his best reason was for being Roman Catholic rather than Protestant, and Michael responded by saying that it made sense to him that Jesus, a “particular man” would have a “particular church.” Michael, of course, defended the notion that the Roman Catholic...

January 9, 2018

Part I: The Argument from "Particulars"

If you have never listened to The Michael Knowles Show on the Daily Wire, I am afraid you are missing out on one of the most entertaining and informative conservative podcasts out there. Different than his colleague Ben Shapiro’s podcast, which is more rapid-fire commentary on the political issues of the day, and different than his mentor Andrew Klavan’s, which is political to a degree, b...

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