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  • Norman Young

How the Alt-Right Makes Converts

White Nationalism is national news once again, as Richard Spencer speaks at the University of Florida. This is his first campus event since the Charlottesville tragedy, and emotions are running high. The costs of adequate security were estimated to be as high as $600,000 dollars, and Governor Rick Scott stepped in to declare a state of emergency.

Reactions to this event seem to fall broadly into two categories. On the Left, professors and students alike want to see Spencer’s speech restricted. As I’m writing, they fill the hall where he is speaking with chants, shouting loudly enough that they can’t hear him, despite the fact that he has a microphone and is being heard by others anyway.

There is good reason for this reaction. Consider the following hypothetical exchange that might have happened on UF campus, if the students weren’t currently shouting:

SPENCER: “Do you believe all people should be treated equally?”