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  • Norman Young

Why Your Friends Love Net Neutrality

If you are anything like me, you are confused why so many people have recently fallen in love with an obscure bureaucratic policy regarding internet service. Your friends swear that “Net Neutrality” is the key to saving the internet from evil corporations who want to do… something. You turn to your wonky, computer-whiz friend for help, and do your best to follow along as he explains the details. You nod in bewildered-but-supportive agreement as he points to a graph of a Portuguese cellular data plan, but next thing you know you’re lost in legal minutiae from the Middle Ages. You must have missed something. But one thing is clear: your computer-savvy friend is certain that Trump is ruining the internet.

So what is the “Net Neutrality” debate really about? And why does everyone seem to have such a strong opinion about it?

The debate over “Net Neutrality” is an economic battle between two types of mega-corporations: those that provide bandwidth (Internet Service Providers) and those that use up a lot of bandwidth by providing streaming video content (Netflix, porn sites, etc.). The strong opinions on the issue are directly linked to the popularity of these different corpo