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  • Norman Young

STAR WARS: The Last Interesting Character


Let’s begin with the two most exciting moments of The Last Jedi. First is the fight scene between a dozen or so imperial guards and a Rey/Kylo duo. Second is where Vice Admiral Holdo splits the First Order Dreadnought in half by jumping to lightspeed. These scenes were fun to watch, unlike scenes of Luke fishing and milking thala-sirens. However, some poor choices by the writers stripped these exciting moments of needed emotional content.

Kylo and Rey’s fight scene, for instance, seemed entirely unnecessary because it took place after Supreme Commander Snoke was already dead. Why do his imperial guards bother to keep fighting? And what would happen if they won? Would they promote General Hux? Why can’t Kylo, now Supreme Commander, simply order them to stand down? These factors make the fight feel less impactful. It was as if Rey and Kylo were fighting for the fun of it.

A similar problem affected Vice Admiral Holdo’s moment. Before she chose to make the jump to lightspeed, Holdo had already decided to stay behind and die with her ship. Because she was already doomed, her choice to destroy the Dreadnought came across as a clever tactical idea rather than