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  • Norman Young

2017: Year of the Constitution

Around this time last year, it was fashionable to complain about how horrible the year 2016 was. This was partly because of an inordinate number of terror attacks and increased tensions between cops and black communities. But the primary motivation was, of course, the November victory for Donald Trump – the biggest American presidential upset since Truman’s victory over Dewey in 1948.

Judging by headlines in the mainstream media, 2017 was a year marked by Russian espionage, Nazi resurgence, and an all-out assault against the First Amendment rights of the press. Scary stuff. And on top of that, America endured the largest mass shooting in its history. So, why are no pundits labeling 2017 as the “worst year ever”?

Perhaps, despite the constant negative press covfefe, 2017 was not such a bad year after all. From the perspective of conservative Constitutionalists, 2017 was one of the best years on record. Here are some highlights.

DACA Executive Order

Back in 2011, before his re-election, then President Obama remarked that unilateral executive action on immigration reform would transgress American tradit