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  • Kent Young

A Response to Michael Knowles

Part I: The Argument from "Particulars"

If you have never listened to The Michael Knowles Show on the Daily Wire, I am afraid you are missing out on one of the most entertaining and informative conservative podcasts out there. Different than his colleague Ben Shapiro’s podcast, which is more rapid-fire commentary on the political issues of the day, and different than his mentor Andrew Klavan’s, which is political to a degree, but gets deeper into cultural and philosophical issues, Michael’s show, while touching on politics, culture, and philosophy, is unique among the three in that it delves more deeply into matters of history and even religious theology.

Throughout the month of December, Michael’s “mailbag” episodes contained a number of questions that required him to make a defense for his Roman Catholic faith. In his answers, Michael was able to put forward, in easily understood layman’s terms, articulate and succinct defenses for Catholicism. I found his responses to be thorough, yet concise. In fact I believe that many of his listeners, perhaps some who have a Christian background but no present commitment to any religious organization, may find them persuasive enough to entice them toward the Roman Catholic faith. Because of this, I have felt the need to offer a response to Michael’s arguments, from the perspective of a Christian who is outside of the Catholic tradition. Though of course Michael was not claiming to provide an exhaustive treatise on religious dogma, I believe his statements were a thorough enough summary of what is believed by many lay Catholics, especially American Catholics, that they merit a thorough response.

The most direct question on this topic came from the “mailbag” in episode 75, which aired on December 14, 2017. In that mailbag there was a general request for Michael to explain why he is a Roman Catholic rather than a Protestant. In his answer to that question he restated many of the arguments that he had made in the previous week’s mailbag (episode 71, from December 7) which contained two questions more specific to certain aspects of Catholic doctrine. In Part I of this piece, I want to focus my response on the question from episode 75. In Part II, to be released next week, I intend to expand my response to address the more specific issues addressed in the previous week’s mailbag.