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  • Norman Young

Dynasty Dies; Democrats Discover Democracy

Earlier today, at a summer meeting in Chicago, the Democrat National Committee voted to change the rules that govern their primary election process. These are the rules which ensured that, despite widespread popular support for Bernie Sanders during the 2016 primary, Hillary Clinton's primary victory remained secure. No longer will Democrat party bosses determine the direction their party will take; excited grass-roots voters will make that decision.

The year 2016 proved to be a tipping-point for American democracy. The days of political dynasties have come to an end.

After opening their meeting with prayer, Democrat superdelegates postured themselves in support of the rule change, claiming that it is necessary to restore trust in the Democrat Party. But they are scared—and they should be. At the 2012 Democrat National Convention, the very grass-roots voters these bosses are now empowering nearly shouted down the inclusion of God and the recognition of Jerusalem in their party's political platform.