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  • Norman Young

MacArthur Misses the Mark

A few months ago, on this site, I called for evangelicals from both the political Left and Right to come together and draft a Statement on race issues in America. The thorny issue of race relations is in desperate need of clear-headed and definitive teaching from evangelical leaders and pastors. And getting a clear head about this, I insisted, will require honest dialogue across party lines.

Earlier today, John MacArthur and some like-minded evangelicals released a "Statement on Social Justice." It was not what I had in mind. Instead of bringing all evangelicals together to oppose a misguided secular culture, MacArthur took aim at evangelicalism's Left-wing, especially those at The Gospel Coalition who have begun calling for a "woke church." By doing this, MacArthur threatens to deepen an already existing divide within the evangelical church itself.

I pray that our Left-leaning evangelical brothers and sisters will not be baited into an aggressive response to MacArthur. As one-sided as MacArthur's Statement is, it is a legitimate expression of what I have termed the "Francis-King" perspective on racial issues. This perspective is pervasive among Right-leaning evangelicals, and it d