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  • Norman Young

Radical Islamic Terrorists are Bad

Last Friday, while speaking at the University of Illinois, former president Barack Obama began his 2018 campaign on behalf of the Democratic Party. Claiming to speak as a lowly American citizen, he encouraged his audience to vote, this November, "because our democracy depends on it." This was Obama at his best, doing what he does best: inspiring people with well-crafted political rhetoric.

According to Obama, the election of Donald Trump proves that our democracy needs to be "fixed." He doesn't think Donald Trump is the "cause" of the problem; he instead calls him a "symptom." The problem, according to Obama, is that so many voters voted out of fear and resentment, which manifested itself in Donald Trump's election victory. In other words, America's problems are the fault of deplorables.

Barack Obama is right about one thing: Republican voters were resentful in 2016. They resented eight years of the kind of dishonest rhetoric Obama employed in his recent speech. Conservatives were tired of watching mainstream media outlets repeat lies ad nauseam, bullying much of the American public into belief. One example of this kind of gas-lighting was this comment from Obama: