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  • Anthony Leonardi

Anthony Leonardi on the Washington Examiner: Why you should keep watching 'The Rubin Report'

(Image via The Rubin Report/YouTube)

Check out Anthony Leonardi's latest on The Washington Examiner.

Excerpt: "If you have an idea that is deemed unfit for coverage by mainstream media outlets, then (supposedly) that idea is an unvirtuous form of speech. If one were to engage in respectful debate with someone holding ideas ostracized by traditional media outlets, you are (supposedly) complicit in giving a platform to "slimy conspiracy theorists."

That seems to be the opinion of Christian Barnard, a policy researcher with Reason Foundation. Barnard wrote a Washington Examiner piece about how he used to enjoy "The Rubin Report" but has since unsubscribed. He describes the program, hosted by Dave Rubin as a part of the recently branded " Intellectual Dark Web," as a show that lacks “humility, intellectual honesty & rigor, and a healthy dose of confrontation.”

This is a skewed understanding of the significance of the Intellectual Dark Web and a misrepresentation of "The Rubin Report." Dismissing it as part of a “cultural moment” is not grounded in the history of philosophy nor political science. The conversations seen on programs like "The Rubin Report" are a modern iteration of the political dialogue that took place between ancient philosophers.