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  • Norman Young

Did Ted Cruz Lose a Debate?

Last Friday, Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Beto O'Rourke squared off in a debate for Ted Cruz's Senate seat. The debate drew national attention as progressives candidate Beto came within striking distance of Ted Cruz in polls regarding likely voters, even leading Cruz according to one poll. If Democrats manage to flip a State as deeply red as Texas, their hopes for a "blue wave" could materialize this coming November.

Senator Ted Cruz is one of the most experienced conservative politicians in Washington, and yet, in his first debate against Congressman O'Rourke, he failed to clench victory. There were impressive moments for both candidates. But, for Ted Cruz, a tie is nearly as bad as a loss. A tie makes Senator Cruz appear vulnerable, which threatens to excite his opposition to come out and vote. In the video below, I break down Senator Ted Cruz's debate performance, point by point, to show where he failed and where he succeeded on each of the issues the debate touched on:

  1. Immigration - 1:15

  2. Policing - 3:45

  3. Judge Kavanaugh - 8:30

  4. Guns and the 2nd Amendment - 12:30

  5. Cruz’s undignified word-battle with Trump - 15:35

  6. DUI arrest - 19:20

  7. Healthcare - 22:05

  8. Trade - 23:35

  9. “Values” - 24:41

  10. Tax Cuts - 25:28

  11. Complimenting your opponent - 26:22

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