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  • Norman Young

Stop Attacking Flake; Attack Avenatti and Clune

Yesterday, the public show trial against Judge Kavanaugh went into recess. One week from now, the jury—the Senators from each State—will reach a verdict. As explained in this site's most recent podcast, there is no presumption of innocence in the case against Kavanaugh. The Court of Public Opinion operates on simple majority rule. The only recourse for a minority party is to pressure sympathetic voices in the majority to cave to minority "demands." The Democratic minority found a soft target in Senator Jeff Flake.

Approximately one year ago, Flake publicly detached himself from the Republican Party. Flake explained that he would not seek re-election because he would not be complicit in making the Trump era a "new normal." Unlike "Never-Trump" neoconservatives, Jeff Flake represents no ideology being left in the dustbin of history. The "normal" which Jeff claims to represent is a figment—an imaginary bygone utopia of bipartisan respect and civility.

An uncivil Democrat minority successfully cowed Flake. The loud complaints from Democrat politicians and the looming-but-unsubstantiated claims of sexual misconduct were reminiscent of the 2016 election. Flake criticized Republican voters for their decision to put Trump in the nation's highest office while there were misconduct allegations against him. Now Flake will likely put Kavanaugh in one of the nation's highest offices while there are similar allegations against him. This apparent flip-flop is not lost on Flake. He desperately needed to do something that could distinguish him the Republican voters he already criticized—and the Democrats' call for delay provided him exactly what he needed.