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  • Norman Young

When Politics Becomes Pascal's Wager

The Senate is moving forward. In just a few hours, Senators will decide whether to confirm Brett Kavanaugh as the next Supreme Court Justice. While Republican political pundits have the option to reserve judgment until after the political dust settles, Senators have no such luxury. They must decide. And even indecision is a decision. Many "never-Trump" media figures are staying out of it. Some avoided the uncomfortable Kavanaugh topic altogether. Others relegated their opinions to ancillary matters, or tried to stake out a middle ground.

No middle ground exists on the Kavanaugh issue. There are only two possible answers and only one important question: Ford or Kavanaugh—who do you believe?

Several Republicans, in order to avoid the appearance of malice toward women, claim that they believe something may have happened to Christine Ford, but that Kavanaugh did not do it. They