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  • Norman Young

Full Analysis: Florida's Gubernatorial Debate

This morning's headlines following the first Florida gunernatorial debate were unusually objective. A Washington Post headline reads "Trump’s presence is felt in fiery Florida gubernatorial debate." According to CNN, "DeSantis and Gillum spar over race, Trump in contentious Florida governor debate." The first line of a NYTimes analysis reads,

"Ron DeSantis and Andrew Gillum delivered fiery exchanges in their first debate on Sunday night, showing a national audience why they are locked in a fierce, closely matched race to become Florida’s next governor."

Anyone who understands the NewSpeak of America's mainstream media (especially during election cycles) should already be able to tell who won the debate from these headlines alone.

Winning a political debate does not mean winning the hearts and minds of the opposing party. That almost never happens during an election season, and neither candidate in Florida's race came close to doing so. Most Democrats watching the debate