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Andrew Klavan Interview with Think Outside Politics featured in the Washington Examiner

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Check out Anthony Leonardi and Norman Young's latest report on the Washington Examiner detailing their interview with Andrew Klavan.


"Andrew Klavan, bestselling author, screenwriter, and host of “The Andrew Klavan Show” has a message for young college students: embrace freedom.

“The founders were dealing with a very simple, yet complicated question. Simple because the point was how do we make people as free as it is possible to be, complicated because the answer is incredibly complicated,” remarked Klavan when speaking about his college lecture tour through Young American’s Foundation.

“I’d like [college students] to come away and think what is their liberty made of? … If you woke up in the morning, and there was a guy standing over you with a gun … and all day long told you what to do, and his advice was better than your decisions so that everything went better in your life, you still wouldn’t want him there.”