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  • Norman Young

I Am Thankful For Diversity

It is an unfortunate fact that, among conservative Republicans, "diversity" has become a dirty word. I don't blame Republicans for this. The Democratic Party and Leftist academics have utterly abused the term "diversity" (as well as "feminism," "civil rights," etc.), which has put a bad taste in Republicans' mouths. But "diversity" doesn't deserve scorn; it deserves praise—measured, temperate praise. It was by praising "diversity" more highly than it deserved—calling it a "virtue" and a "strength"—that the Left tarred the reputation of something that is rightly considered beautiful.

"Diversity" is not a virtue. When Americans think of "diversity" as a virtue, they tend to imagine people of different races and religions working together in harmony. The mental picture of diverse peoples working together harmoniously contains virtue, to be sure—but it is the virtue of "unity," not "diversity." People are still "diverse" before they decide to work together. In fact, they would still be "diverse" even if they were fighting with one another in tribal warfare. Harmony enters the picture only when the diverse people are brought together in "unity." "Unity" is the virtue.