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  • Norman Young

Belated Media Chorus: 'Hooray for Bush!'

Last night, George Herbert Walker Bush died the age of 94. His presidency is rightly remembered as a pivotal moment in American politics. His experience as director of the CIA and as Vice President under Ronald Reagan helped secure his election during the final years that the Soviet Union posed a threat to the globe. However, after riding the coattails of overwhelmingly popular Reagan to political victory, Bush immediately veered in a different direction.

"Compassionate conservatism" was born. In his acceptance speech before the Republican National Convention, Bush mapped out his new course:

"Prosperity has a purpose. It's to allow us to pursue "the better angels," to give us time to think and grow. Prosperity with a purpose means taking your idealism and making it concrete by certain acts of goodness. It means helping a child from an unhappy home learn how to read ... It means teaching troubled children through your presence that there is such a thing as reliable love. Some would say it's soft and insufficiently tough to care about these things. But where is it written that we must act if we do not care, as if we are not moved? Well, I am moved. I want a kinder and gentler nation."