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Michael Avenatti makes absurd claim, Anthony Leonardi calls him out

On Thursday, Michael Avenatti took to Twitter to express his frustration about Stormy Daniel's not receiving enough credit for "exposing" Donald Trump's supposed collusion with the Russian government.

Think Outside Politics co-Founder Anthony Leonardi then pressed Avenatti on his claim.

Avenatti responded that if it were not for him and his client (Stormy Daniels), there would be no prosecution, warrants, pleas, or any form of cooperation between former Trump campaign staffers and Robert Mueller's investigative team. However, because Avenatti has no special knowledge of Mueller's findings other than what has been released to the public, his claim remains unsubstantiated and without evidence.

Based on Avenatti's response, it's apparent that he believes the Mueller investigation would be utterly lost without his legal challeng