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  • Norman Young

3 Reasons Carlson Is Right and Shapiro Is Wrong

On his podcast, yesterday, conservative pundit Ben Shapiro took aim at a rival conservative pundit Tucker Carlson. Ben claimed that Tucker is part of a populist movement springing up in the Republican Party which needs to be nipped in the bud. What sparked Ben’s ire was a Carlson monologue which discussed Mitt Romney and the failure of political elites to address the concerns of working people. According to Shapiro, Tucker’s argument threatens to undermine the free market principles that make America great. Tucker, who denies that he is even a populist, suggests that free markets are merely a tool, and that no one should worship their tools.

In fairness to Shapiro, Tucker Carlson’s monologue was carefully crafted and written down before he read it aloud on screen, while Shapiro’s rebuttal was likely a real time reaction on his podcast. That said, however, Tucker Carlson certainly got the better of the argument. Here are three ways Tucker bested Shapiro: