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  • Norman Young

Marxist Puppets on the Radical Right

1 minute, 30 seconds. That is approximately the amount of time it takes before Hitler is mentioned during a conversation with anyone on the far Left. There is a sharp irony in this fact, given that that same Left openly supports a socialist platform and even has a masked paramilitary arm in “Antifa.” What’s more, most of these Left-wing extremists seem quite comfortable with the systematic and clinical extermination of unborn undesirables. Yet, even so, everyone else is Hitler.

A similar phenomenon exists on the other side of the political aisle. But, the catch-all bogey-man on the Right is Karl Marx. For those on the ideological fringe of the Right, even workers’ compensation is a form of communism. Unemployment insurance? Same thing. Oddly enough, those who reach the anarcho-capitalist extreme find themselves agreeing with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who thinks that policemen and firefighters are examples of “socialism.”

This unity of extreme Left and extreme Right is not mere coincidence. The political extremes meet and kiss at the moment that both sides mistake their ideology for reality. The Utopia envisioned by both the far Left and the far Right is Stateless (hence “anarcho-communism” and “anarcho-capitalism”) because both camps reject a fundamentally conservative insight into the reality of human beings: that we are fallen. One side imagines that human beings in a state of nature (i.e. in a society without government) will spontaneously and voluntarily agree to share their resources collectively. The other side believes that these stateless humans will create private court systems and police forces for themselves while magically avoiding the problems associated with tribal justice.

If the extreme Left and the extreme Right kiss, then the extreme Left and the alt-Right are in a full-on sensuous embrace. It is a common observation that white nationalists like Richard Spencer engage in a form of “identity politics” typically associated with intersectional Left. After all, that is the alt-Right’s primary selling point. During a question-and-answer period at Auburn University, Spencer engaged in dialogue with a young black woman. His sales pitch was basically this, in paraphrase:

Spencer: “Do you have pride in your black heritage?”

Woman: “Of course I do.”

Spencer: “That’s great. I have pride in my white heritage, too.”

The connection between Marxism and the alt-Right is deeper than the mere fact that both use a politics of identity to promote their ideology. Nay, the very identity that the alt-Right tries to resurrect is a Marxist one, based on a nineteenth century class distinction.

Twentieth century fascist regimes were not based on class. They appealed instead to what is called, in German, the volk. The volk refers to a people-group with a shared ancestry and a shared national heritage. Absent this pre-existing national identity, fascist ideology would have no raw material to knead and mold into a theory of biological supremacy.

In the whole history of the world, there has never been a volk based on “whiteness” alone. The closest analogue to national identity based on “whiteness” once existed in the United States, because a legacy of chattel slavery clumped white individuals of various ethnicities into a permanent upper-class and black individuals into a permanent slave under-class. Stark phenotypic differences gave this class system a terrible staying power within what was otherwise dynamically upwardly-mobile society.

Marxist theory relies on class distinctions. That is why so many Left-leaning academics are committed to the idea that the slave-era class system still exists, in some form, today. The supposed existence of class structure allows the Marxist to explain disparities in cultural performance among racial groups while still remaining within the bounds of political correctness. Such “explanations,” if one can even call them that, are little more than convenient ideological assertions.

The only place in America where “white” identity is popular, these days, other than in prison gangs, is in the imagination of Marxist ideologues. Well, that used to be true—until the rise of the “alt-Right.” Naturally rebellious, young, white men have learned from their teachers that they were born into an oppressor class that dominates America. A handful of these rebellious youths decide to embrace that idea. The ideology of these alt-Right trolls is fully explained by looking at history through the eyes of a Marxist academic but with a heart that sides with the “oppressor.”

America must break the stranglehold of progressive, class-based ideology on America’s school system. The Leftist establishment is creating the very enemy they claim to be fighting against by perpetuating the myth of a continued racial class-struggle in America. Disgruntled white men are turning themselves into puppets of the establishment by attaching their identity to a “white” class, thus making themselves into an enemy worth fighting. Conservatives need to tell these kids that they are not defined by by their white skin into a “privileged” class. Instead, they are defined by being American, which is a race-less, class-less identity that is the biggest privilege of all.

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