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  • Norman Young

Marxist Puppets on the Radical Right

1 minute, 30 seconds. That is approximately the amount of time it takes before Hitler is mentioned during a conversation with anyone on the far Left. There is a sharp irony in this fact, given that that same Left openly supports a socialist platform and even has a masked paramilitary arm in “Antifa.” What’s more, most of these Left-wing extremists seem quite comfortable with the systematic and clinical extermination of unborn undesirables. Yet, even so, everyone else is Hitler.

A similar phenomenon exists on the other side of the political aisle. But, the catch-all bogey-man on the Right is Karl Marx. For those on the ideological fringe of the Right, even workers’ compensation is a form of communism. Unemployment insurance? Same thing. Oddly enough, those who reach the anarcho-capitalist extreme find themselves agreeing with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who thinks that policemen and firefighters are examples of “socialism.”

This unity of extreme Left and extreme Right is not mere coincidence. The political extremes meet and kiss at the moment that both sides mistake their ideology for reality. The Utopia envisioned by both the far Left and the far Right is Stateless (hence “anarcho-communism” and “anarcho-capitalism”) because both camps reject a fundamentally conservative insight into the reality of human beings: that we are fallen. One side imagines that human beings in a state of nature (i.e. in a society without government) will spontaneously and voluntarily agree to share their resource