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  • Norman Young

Who Really Continues the Legacy of Dr. King?

On your right stands a group of young kids—firm believers in a universal Christian faith. Although they are not yet old enough to vote, the group is already politically involved enough to wear partisan headgear and attend political marches. Their attendance at the March for Life expresses a hope that, one day, America will rise up to live out the true meaning of its creed, by treating the lives of unborn children as if they were all created equal. When things went south, and the kids were faced with insults and threatening behavior, their response was passive, non-violent resistance.

On your left stands a group of Black Hebrew Israelites—firm believers that black skin gives a person unique access to God’s favor. This group is not concerned with the American dream or with the American creed—those are, they believe, convenient cover for white power. Like British Israelites and other groups with similar race-focused ideologies before them, these folks easily fall into antisemitism and racial supremacism. Neither indigenous tribesmen nor Catholic schoolchildren are spared their vitriol.

And yet, surprisingly, both sides consider themselves to be continuing the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.