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  • Anthony Leonardi

Let me be the first to say #NeverKasich

Many progressive candidates have recently announced their intention to run against President Donald Trump in 2020, but surprisingly one Republican is eyeing the challenge as well: former Ohio Governor John Kasich.

Kasich has said that he is concerned about the ideological direction of the Republican Party and Trump’s failure to be a ‘unifying agent’ for the United States. It is certainly tempting to laugh off these concerns, as Trump ran neither to ‘unify’ the country nor to continue Kasich’s definition of Republicanism. It is also tempting to brush Kasich off for his astoundingly low chance of taking the Republican nomination from Trump. However, the left is determined to take Kasich’s candidacy seriously, labeling him one of the “Good Republicans” because of his attacks on Trump and attempts to re-define republicanism. Although the left’s friendly relationship with Kasich would disappear if he ever won the election, Kasich’s misguided, potential candidacy has provided Americans with a unique opportunity to unite on political grounds by identifying as #NeverKasich.