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  • Norman Young

Superbowl Suggestive of State of the Union

“The state of the Union is strong.”

That is the case most presidents attempt to make in their addresses to the nation, especially as re-election approaches. From an economic standpoint, Donald Trump has an impressive case to make for America’s strength. But, ever since the fall of the Soviet Union, Americans rarely look to over-all economic indicators (like GDP) as evidence of national well-being. Instead, Americans increasingly concern themselves with inequality indexes, wage gaps, and other factors that suggest whether certain (often racial) subgroups are succeeding or failing. A strong economy is no longer enough to convince Americans that America is strong.

Americans feel fatigued. That is something that good GDP numbers and high stock prices cannot fix. Americans feel fatigued because perpetual activism is failing. Eight years of prioritizing social inequality concerns during Obama's presidency didn’t seem to make anything better. Two years of channeling those concerns into a “resistance” movement against Donald Trump’s presidency has given the Democratic Party little to show for its efforts. After a pointless government shutdown, Nancy Pelosi's favorability rating was