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  • Norman Young

3 Ways the SOTU Address Could Be MAGA

Donald Trump loves winning. But, recently, his streak was broken after a shutdown fight failed to end the way he hoped it would. After an agreement was reached which did not include funding for Trump's border wall, the mainstream media unanimously declared Nancy Pelosi the “winner” of the contest.

During his State of the Union speech, tonight, Trump will be eager for a win. But, as I pointed out yesterday, scoring political points might not be the best strategy for turning tonight’s national address into a political victory. Government shutdown has contributed to America’s growing fatigue over political hyper-partisanship, which means that Americans might not want to hear any more partisan bickering. Instead, Americans could be hungry for a message of unity.

Here are three things Trump can do in his address, tonight, which might give him the win he is looking for: