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  • Norman Young

Donald Trump, Polish the Statue of Liberty

At the State of the Union address on Tuesday, Donald Trump ramped up the pressure on Democrats to fund his version of border security, which includes a border wall. After the mainstream media declared Nancy Pelosi the winner of the previous stand-off which caused a government shutdown, Trump seems to be signaling a readiness for a rematch. Here is what he needs to to.

This is the moment, while the Democrats control the House, to bring the full legalization of DACA recipients back into the picture. Obama's DACA program was nothing new in terms of executive policy. It merely codified, probably unConstitutionally, a bipartisan unwillingness to punish those who were illegally brought to the United States as children. Last year, Donald Trump offered to legalize 1.8 million of these "dreamers" (nearly three times as many as DACA covered) in exchange for funding for a border wall—his pet project which symbolizes his commitment to border security.

Unfortunately, with Republicans in control of both the House and Senate, Senate Democrats understood t