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  • Norman Young

Classy Masculinity Trumps Toxic Femininity

"Toxic masculinity," a phrase coined and popularized on the far-Left during Barack Obama's presidency, has gone mainstream. Ever since Donald Trump's election victory, the mainstream media absorbed and promoted the phrase. By now, pretty much everyone in America has heard it. A Google search for "toxic masculinity" gets over 5 million results. A similar search for "classy masculinity" yields less than 400.

Donald Trump demonstrated some classy masculinity on Tuesday when he took a moment during his State of the Union speech to celebrate record-high employment numbers for American women. Democrat Congresswomen were reluctant to applaud this, since that would make them appear to give credit to Trump for accomplishing it. So, instead, they decided to praise themselves by turning around and applauding at one another. The implied argument went something like this:

"Oh, women have high employment numbers, eh? That's because America is putting women like us in positions of political power to oppose you!"

Elected politicians make up only a tiny fraction of female employment, so that argument makes little sense. Moreover, it actually insults the elected Congresswomen by implying that they were put in power, not for their qualifications, but out of spite against Trump. But, that's how toxic femininity works—in the emotion of the moment, such nuances are overlooked.

Trump was unfazed by the Democrat self-congratulation. He immediately touted the accomplishments of women yet again, getting similar results from the progressives in his audience. And, finally, after Congressional Democrats twice took praise that belonged to America's working women upon themselves, Donald Trump then congratulated the Congresswomen directly. With a smile, Trump compared their own 2018 election victories to the historic victory for women's suffrage. Classy move.

In the midst of this bipartisan gesture from Trump, the white-clad Democrats doubled down on partisanship. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can be seen shouting to her colleague "this is our House now" while doing a raise-the-roof gesture. Other Democrat women behind her start chanting the words "on this side," implying that only the Democratic Party has empowered women.

Mercifully, it was at this moment that chants of "USA! USA!" flooded across the room, sweeping the Democratic Congresswomen along with it. Amazingly, what one toxic group of females intended to turn into a partisan political victory, the House chamber turned into a lovely, bipartisan moment.

Let us hope that classy masculinity will trump toxic femininity every time, the way it did here:

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