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  • Norman Young

Tucker Carlson Can Learn From Ben Shapiro

Whenever you dialogue with a Left-wing populist, be prepared to fight fire with fire. That is the lesson Tucker Carlson learned when he invited Rutger Bregman, a pop-economist of the Ted Talk variety, on his show. Carlson took notice of Bregman when he trolled the Davos World Economic Forum by denouncing the philanthropy of liberal corporate elites and insisting that confiscatory tax rates are the only real solution to inequality. "All the rest is bulls___," Bregman explained.

Tucker Carlson makes it a point to converse with those on the political Left who are critical of liberal elites, often hoping he can convince progressives to join forces with his brand of elite-critical conservatism. In his eagerness for dialogue, Carlson assumed that Bregman would be interested in joining with him to criticize corporate elites and a converse about possible solutions. Big mistake. Bregman was interested in more trolling. Within minutes, Bregman began attacking Tucker Carlson himself for taking "dirty money" from "millionaires and billionaires."