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  • Norman Young

The Democrat Version of 'All Lives Matter': 'All Hate Matters!'

If you just read news headlines, you might think there was a recent spate of homophobic, Islamophobic, and antisemitic hate crimes in America which Democrat leaders responded to with appropriate condemnation. You might also wonder how in the world, in 2019, 23 Republican Congressmen got away with openly refusing to condemn hatred. Of course, all of that would be “fake news.” What really happened is that one Democratic Congresswoman, Representative Ilhan Omar, pushed her party to the breaking point, forcing them to respond to her hate.

Omar already had a history of antisemitism. Back in 2012, while the IDF conducted a military response to over 100 Hamas rocket attacks, Omar tweeted that evil Israel had “hypnotized the world.” Last month, Omar added insult to injury by blaming American support for Israel on the nefarious influence of Jewish money. “It’s all about the Benjamins, baby!”, she wrote. As if that wasn’t bad enough, only weeks later Omar opined that Jewish Americans are compromised by foreign allegiance.

Three strikes is a walk in Democrat baseball, apparently. Rather than strip Omar of her committee assignments or formally rebuke her in any way (as Republicans did to Steve King), House Democrats sought instead to pass a generic resolution condemning antisemitism in all its forms without mentioning the Congresswoman by name. Alas, voices like Ocasio-Cortez insisted that even this symbolic measure was too harsh on Omar, and Democrats settled for a vague condemnation of various forms of hate, including Islamophobia.

I’m old enough to remember when a movement known as Black Lives Matter began protesting police brutality in the wake of a handful of high profile cases where cops shot an unarmed black suspects. I was reliably informed that it was unacceptable to respond to this movement by saying “All Lives Matter” or by treating those specific cases as part of a larger and more general police brutality problem. No, no—the assault on black lives was a special problem, and it deserved special attention.

Now, however, the Democrats respond to cases of antisemitic hate-speech within their ranks, not with targeted condemnation of those specific incidents, but with generic bills condemning hatred of all kinds. In other words, instead of “antisemitism matters,” we get “all hate matters.” My, how things have changed.

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