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  • Norman Young

Reparations Redux - A Response to My Critics

Earlier this week, I published a piece encouraging President Donald Trump to endorse a policy of reparations for slavery. I expected that this idea would ruffle feathers on both sides of the political aisle, and it certainly did. Reagan Republicans predictably recoiled from what they considered the policy’s “collectivism,” and Democrats instinctively hated the idea that Trump could be a moral leader on any issue. However, some of the objections were substantial, and I deal with them, here.

1. Shouldn’t reparations be aimed at fixing existing racism?

Absolutely not. Reparations should be aimed at repairing a broken national conscience. Existing racism is a matter of political dispute between Americans of good faith on both sides of the political aisle. Americans are deeply divided about its import, its causes, and what should be done about it. The sin of slavery, however, is not a matter of dispute. All Americans agree that slavery was an egregious moral evil.