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  • Norman Young

New Justin Trudeau Halloween Costume Released

A leading manufacturer has just announced the release of a brand new cutting-edge costume that is sure to get people talking this Halloween season. The costume was designed to make the wearer resemble Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The package contents include:

- a wig of Trudeau's iconic hair

- a pair of stick-on eyebrows (be careful with these, the glue is not high quality)

- a solid tie

- a dress shirt with the top button missing.

Also included are a variety of face-paint colors to choose from. One of the colors included is white, in case you're wanting to imitate the face that the Prime Minister presents to the public on news or television programs. The colors black and brown are also included, which some see as more authentic representations of Trudeau, since these colors match the skin-tones that would likely reflect his actual appearance during any given Halloween season.

Many people are already reacting to the release of this edgy costume. One observant observer noted:

"This seems like a risky move for a costume company. They are banking on the fact that Trudeau will win his election, tomorrow. If he doesn't, this costume might be irrelevant."

Will people of all races and creeds wear the Justin Trudeau costume this harvest season? Only time will tell.

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