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  • Nathan

Understanding the Democrat Party’s Incoherent Behavior

Before nationwide riots and protests broke out in response to the killing of George Floyd, Democrats were calling for prolonged lockdowns and social distancing. Because Democrat politicians supported prolonged lockdowns to combat the coronavirus, countless Americans missed graduations, lost their jobs, and missed the funerals of loved ones. However, after the riots and protests started, Democrats reversed themselves and encouraged these large gatherings. One day Democrats were telling people they couldn't attend work or hold funerals for loved ones, and the next day they were encouraging massive protests. Understanding the relationship between the Democrat base, media elites, and politicians help explain this seemingly incoherent Democrat behavior.

When the pandemic hit America, the Democrat base agreed with the social distancing policies of the experts. Yet the base dropped their support for social distancing when the Black Lives Matter protests and riots broke out. As the protests spread across the nation, Instagram was filled with black squares as a show of support. The base also defended the protesters on Twitter and other social media platforms.