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  • Nathan

Mere Conservatism

During World War II, C. S. Lewis gave a series of lectures about the essential doctrines of Christianity that united Christians. These lectures laid the groundwork for his famous book, Mere Christianity. Today, we are in the midst of a new war, a cultural war. And, although they fight against a common enemy, Republicans are divided. They need a Mere Conservatism.

The radical left has become a cult of perversion, mutilation, and death. They have one goal: destroy America. The old libertarian-conservative attitude of the Republican establishment has failed to stop the left and conserve America. As the left mobilizes to destroy the foundations of the American republic, Republicans need a new conservative platform that consolidates conservatives against the left and for a common cause.

I propose a mere conservative platform that unites a wide variety of conservatives around policies and attitudes essential to conserve America in an age where the opposition party seeks to destroy it. There are 6 main points of a mere conservative platform, and these are: upholding traditional justice, abolishing abortion, protecting societal institutions, supporting the working class, promoting American nationalism, and preserving our history.

Republicans must be the party of justice. James Madison said that “Justice is the end of government.