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  • Nathan

Trump vs. the Revolution

Recently, several right-wing commentators and prominent Christians have made the case for why Christians and conservatives should not vote for Trump. Many Christians believe that by distancing themselves from Trump and the Republican Party, they might save themselves in the eyes of the culture. They are terribly mistaken.

These anti-Trump Christians argue that Trump’s character is toxic to the church, society, and the country. Since the media and culture hate Trump, that hate will transfer to the church if Christians support Trump. Therefore, Christians should vote for Biden, or at least not for Trump. In a recent article, prominent pastor, John Piper, argues that Trump is a force for division and immorality. Piper writes, "I find it bewildering that Christians can be so sure that greater damage will be done by bad judges, bad laws, and bad policies than is being done by the culture-infecting spread of the gangrene of sinful self-exaltation, and boasting, and strife-stirring." Piper claims that Christians ignore Trump's unrepentant sexual immorality, boastfulness, vulgarity, and division, but shine a light on the immorality of abortion, transgenderism, and socialism. Better to vote for bad policy than bad character. Piper further argues that Trump’s immoral character leads to death, making him an inadequate choice for pro-life voters. Some Christian thinkers, believing that Trump is damaging to the pro-life cause, have said the blood of the aborted unborn is on the evangelical’s hands for their support of Trump. In response to strong Christian affiliation with the GOP, Timothy Keller, another prominent pastor, wrote that neither party aligns with biblical notions of justice. David French has a solution to these dilemmas: declare political independence.

Declaring political independence may feel liberating. Freeing oneself from responsibility often does, but it also surrenders to the world. Fighting for a united coalition involves compromise, not with one's principles, but on which ones to implement and how to implement them. It involves affiliation with ideas one may not hold. Party affiliation requires courage. Finally, it always involves working with flawed people. Conservatives cannot win if they are divided.

American citizens have a duty to vote for the candidate they believe will best advance the common good. Piper, French, and Keller believe Trump is not the right choice for that vote. Piper expresses bewilderment on why many Christians believe more damage is done by bad judges and bad laws than by the past sins of Trump and his aggressive New Yorker salesman style. The people are right, and Piper is bewildered. As seen by the legalization of abortion and the redefinition of marriage, laws do have a strong ramification on public opinion. Good judges and good laws will matter significantly more in the long term than Trump’s Twitter account. Furthermore, Piper and French are also wrong about Trump’s character. One cannot judge President Trump by the sins of businessman Trump. Unlike President Clinton, there have been no rumors of Trump having an affair while in office. Trump has not committed perjury either. Trump may exaggerate his crowd sizes, political achievements, and make fun of opponents on Twitter, but talking like a loudmouth New Yorker is not a good reason to avoid voting for someone.

Those who think they can save Christianity by cutting the ties that bind Christians to Trump would do well to remember how the left treated Mitt Romney and Mike Pence. The left worships politics, and the Republican Party exemplifies everything the leftist culture hates about Christians, traditional American values, and anyone to the right of Hillary Clinton. The left despises Trump not so much for who he is, but because he promotes life and American values. Trump’s successor, no matter how kind he or she is, will face the same scrutiny from the media and culture. Christians must decide if they will remain independent observers of the leftist revolution, or stand behind those who defend their principles.

Keller argues that neither party perfectly upholds biblical views of justice. This is true, but it is not helpful. There is no perfect or ideal party in politics. In 1860, neither party was perfect, but one was certainly closer to justice on the issue of slavery than the other. Today, one party is certainly closer to justice on the issue of abortion than the other. The Republican Party is for abolishing abortion, and the Democrat Party is for protecting abortion. Biden has caved to the left and now strongly supports tax-funded abortions up to the point of birth. Meanwhile, thanks to Trump’s supreme court justices, Roe v. Wade may finally be overturned. No moral issue is more important than abortion in America today. There is only one pro-life candidate in this election, Donald Trump.

The remnants of the pre-Trump right would rather surrender gracefully to the left than fight to win. Trump is the most pro-life President in American history. Biden is the most pro-abortion president in American history. Trump has appointed originalist judges to the supreme court. Judges who will defend the Constitution. Biden has caved to the left's demand to pack the court with activist judges. Trump has the most successful foreign policy of any President since Reagan. Trump has won wars and brought home the troops. Biden has gotten us into wars. When the rioters tore down statues of American heroes, Trump sent in the National Guard and signed an executive order establishing the National Garden of American Heroes. Biden hid in his basement and quietly watched as statues fell and cities burned. Trump has protected our industries against China. Biden shipped industries to China. During the outbreak of COVID-19, Trump led the states within the federalist system instead of seizing power. Biden wants national lockdowns and national mask mandates. Trump stands up for the equality and rights of all Americans, declaring, “Republicans are the party of Liberty, Equality, and Justice for all. We are the party of Abraham Lincoln and the Party of Law and Order.” Biden told black Americans, “if you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black.” Trump has governed as a principled conservative. Biden changes his policies on cue from the Democrat Party.

A vote for Trump is a vote for life and ordered liberty. A vote for Biden is a vote for abortion and leftism. Christians separating themselves from the Republican Party will not save themselves. On the contrary, it could lead to the destruction of everything they love. The left wants a revolution that would fundamentally transform America. They seek to tear down the family, marriage, the church, and traditional schools and remake them into something unrecognizable. Biden cannot stop the left. He is working with the left. Trump is fighting the leftist revolution and defending what is great about America. For that reason, conservatives and Christians should vote for Trump.

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