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  • Norman Young

What (would have) Happened

Travel back in time with me to election night 2016 and consider an alternative history of that decisive moment. What would have happened if Hillary had won? This is an important question, don't you think? After all, how can we properly judge these last four years unless we put it in context by considering the alternative? Come with me back to...

...3 years, 358 days ago...

It’s election night, 2016. You’re tired from a day’s work. The television is tuned to a news channel and everything is progressing just as you expected it would. Talking heads have been saying for weeks that Hillary’s win is inevitable, so you’ve simply assumed that they must be correct. You know it takes forever for the final results to come in, and so you head to bed, confident that you already know the election outcome.

On your way to work the next morning, the radio confirms that the inevitable has happened: Hillary Clinton is now president of the United States. “Good for women,” you think to yourself in a humanitarian reverie. After a few minutes, however, you grow tired of hearing the term “historic” from the boring NPR host, and so you thump the radio knob. You wonder private