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  • Anthony Leonardi

Wonder Woman 1984’s Christian Message on Truth

There’s plenty to criticize about Wonder Woman 1984: lackluster special effects, run-of-the-mill action scenes, and corny dialogue. But the film tells a story that goes deeper than the hero-vanquishes-villain narrative of typical comic book stories. Whether or not this was purposeful or inadvertent is another question, but the movie gives a moral instruction about Truth and the redemption one finds by seeking it.

I highly recommend people watch the film before reading this review because it contains spoilers.

The movie’s chief villain is Maxwell Lord, an oil tycoon obsessed with an object called the DreamStone to gain all his material desires. The stone promises to give the hearts of men one of its desires, but in return would take something critical to his or her world. Lord asks to become the Stone itself, a wish it grants, and gives him the power to provide others one wish while leaving ruins in his path of seeking earthly dominance. It sets the world onto a path of destruction, and brings him to a point of near irredeemable greed. “You can have it all! You just have to want it!” he declares in the film.

Wonder Woman, Diana Prince, herself asked the stone for a wish earlier in the film: that her deceased lover Steve Trevor return to the world and be with her. It grants Diana’s wish, but takes away her powers, eventually forcing her to decide between keeping her first-love or renouncing her wish to save humanity. She decides the latter, fulfilling our hopes as the selfless hero we expected her to be.

In the end, however, Diana finds herself physically unable to defeat Lord through might alone, instead using her lasso to rope his leg and show to him, and others influenced by him, the Truth.

Diana reveals to us in this film that her iconic lasso of truth is powered by the very element of Truth. It not only has powers that compels men to speak Truth, but also allows those willing to see the Truth. It’s through her lasso she shows her resurrected lover Trevor the origins of her golden eagle armor. The origins of said armor are worth discovering by watching the film.

“This world was a beautiful place just as it was, and you cannot have it all. You can only have the Truth. And the Truth is enough.