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  • Norman Young

John C. Calhoun Joins Social Media to Defend Abortion

Democrats are on defense about abortion. Ever since Governor Ralph Northam made some uncomfortable comments in defense of a late-term abortion bill in Virginia, Republicans have attacked Democrats mercilously. In February, Senator Ben Sasse forced Senate Democrats to go on record in support of infanticide by sponsoring legislation to protect infants born alive during failed abortion procedures. Donald Trump recently published regulatory changes to the Title X federal grant program which prevents federal funds from being used for abortion referrals. In response to these attacks, Democrats are scrambling for ways to rhetorically distance themselves from infanticide while referring to Trump’s Title X reforms euphemistically as a “gag rule.”

Not everyone is happy with the Democratic Party’s defensive posture on abortion, however. This is especially true of Democrat firebrand and notorious slavery apologist John C. Calhoun, who decided, last week, to join the political discussion via Twitter. U